Memories of a Lifetime

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In which we catch an unsafe driver

This actually happened last Monday, and if you're out there Mr. Air Technologies, you have me to thank.

Monday was Katie's 16th birthday and tradition dictated she go to King's Island with her friends to celebrate. This year only one of the usual crowd was able to go.

The weather Monday was typical Ohio summer day unsettled, so Katie and I had some phone conversations about whether or not they would stay at the park or come home early. Finally the weather cleared and they ended up staying until park closing.

On my way to pick them up (it's about a 45 minute drive) I noticed a sheriff lurking at the Otterbein Home area of Rt 741.

Successfully picked up the girls and headed homeward up the highway. A few miles into the trip a truck came up on us and started tail-gating and flashing his brights at me. As soon as I could safely get over for him to pass I did so, but as the road is a bit of twisty 2-lane blacktop he had to wait. Waiting was obviously not this guy's strong suit as he blazed past me in a great big hurry.

We were able to see that it was a red, business pick up truck and the word "Air" on the side.

A little further down the road we got stopped at a red light. He stopped in front of us but then decided to run the light. He didn't outright run it though, he sneaked it by pretending to go right on red and at the last second doing a U-turn and continuing north on 741.

This really made all three of us girls mad, so we decided that if the sheriff was still lurking about the Otterbein Home we were gonna be tattle-tales.

Sure enough, there sat the cop. I pulled in, he rolled down the window, set aside his laptop and cell phone and asked me what the problem was. (I guess he wasn't running radar or he wouldn't have still been sitting there as Mr. Air blasted by him.) I told him what had happened and, to his credit, he took off after the guy, telling us that maybe he could get him at the next stoplight.

There was nothing at the next stoplight, nor did we see anything for the next 8 miles. But, as soon as we reached the outskirts of Springboro we saw cop lights flashing up ahead. As we slowed down to pass we saw it was Mr. Red Truck, Air Technologies blazoned on the side of it, getting a big, fat ticket from the Warren County Sheriff's Department.

We all pumped our fists in victory and yelled "Yay!!!" as we drove by. Katie declared it the best birthday ever.